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Men's Health

Family Medicine & Urgent Care located in Laurel, MD


Men's Health services offered in Laurel, MD

Men are less likely than women to visit the doctor for routine checkups and preventive screenings. This makes them more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. At iCare Health Services, our Clinician, provide a wide range of men’s health services, including physical exams, blood work, and prostate exams. To make an appointment, call the office in Laurel, Maryland, or book online today

Men's Health Q&A

What is Men's Health?


Men’s health is a medicine subspecialty that diagnoses and treats medical issues in men. Even though men and women experience many of the same conditions, they often present different symptoms. Routine visits to iCare Health Services can alert you to potential issues, ensuring you remain healthy and problem-free.

What services does Men's Health provide?

iCare Health Services provides a full suite of men’s health services, including:


Physical Exams

A physical exam assesses your well-being. During a physical, your iCare Health Services provider checks your vital signs, examines your ears, nose, and throat, palpates your organs to assess their size and location, and looks at your skin for abnormal moles or growths.



Immunizations teach your immune system to identify harmful invaders, like bacteria and viruses. No immunization is entirely effective, but getting vaccinated can reduce your risk of potentially serious outcomes. After a review of your medical records, your iCare Health Services provider can develop a custom immunization schedule.


Lab Tests

Lab tests analyze samples of your blood, urine, or saliva to gain insights into your health. iCare Health Services has an in-house lab that provides same-day and next-day results whenever possible.


IV Therapy

IV therapy administers vitamins, minerals, and nutrients intravenously. It provides a quick and convenient way to treat various issues, including dehydration, fatigue, or jet lag.


Sex-specific Screenings

Middle-aged men are more likely to experience benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer and low sex drive. Sex-specific screenings, like Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA), can alert you to potentially cancerous cells. Potential problems respond best to treatment if they’re caught in the early stages. 


Referrals to Specialists

iCare Health Services provides treatment for most acute and chronic conditions, but if you require more personalized care, your provider can refer you to a nearby specialist.


Do I need a Men’s Health checkup once a year?


If you want to reduce the risk of acute and chronic medical issues, it’s important to schedule a men’s health checkup at least once a year. This rule applies even if you don’t experience symptoms. Conditions like heart disease and diabetes rarely present obvious symptoms early on. Routine checkups can identify them quickly and provide peace of mind.


To learn more about men’s health, make an appointment at iCare Health Services by calling the nearest office or booking online today.

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