Our goal is to provide routine health physical assessment, non-emergent immediate Health Services and Rapid point of testing to our client that is convenient, flexible and affordable.

iCare Health Services understands that our clients have busy lives and challenges with balancing personal life, work, and families. So, we provide options to clients to receive health services on the go. Clients have options to receive medical care via Telemedicine or visits us at our offices.

Our IV Therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, fluids, and medications directly into the bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements to manage different health conditions.

iCare Health Services provides a range of medical services for preventive care, non-emergent episodic illnesses, IV therapy and Rapid point of testing.

We collaborate with local Hospitals and Specialists to make sure patients receive continuity of care.

  •  Wellness Annual Physical.

  • Evaluations with treatment for episodic illnesses such as

          - Cold and Flu

         - COVID Testing

         - Toothache

         - Skin Infection

         - Simple Laceration

         - Allergies

         - Sore throat, URI, Bronchitis, sinusitis

  • IV Therapy/Infusion

  • iCare Health Services provides Telemedicine to clients to receive convenient clinical care from anywhere during business hours.

  • iCare Health services provide Laboratory services such as Urinalysis, rapid strep, glucose check, Mono test, urine pregnancy, and flu testing; Also, added E-Script convenience for our clients.

  • Walk-ins are welcome.



We offer telehealth.

Our doctors will see you now, in the comfort of your home!

Healow TeleVisits™ are the convenient and secure way to hold a remote office visit. To book an appointment, just contact our office.

Three Easy Steps to Start Your Televisit


Click the email or text link from our practice.


Fill our any questionnaire and vitals as best you can.


Click “Start televisit” to enter the virtual waiting room.

When It’s Time for Your Appointment

  • Set aside a secure and private location.

  • Have headphones ready if you plan to use them.

  • “Arrive early” by clicking the link a few minutes before your appointment.

  • Leave yourself time to answer the questionnaire and provide vitals.

  • Click “Proceed” to ensure your computer can support a televisit.

  • When you’re ready, click “Start televisit.”

  • Your provider will be notified when you have entered the virtual waiting room and will begin the visit.

Download the Healow App


Providing you with the best Clinician for the best care

Nwaogu Nurse Practioner at iCare in Laurel MD
Eberechukwu Nwaogu FNP-BC

Eberechukwu Nwaogu is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years experience in healthcare. A Howard University graduate and specialized in Family Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine.